The Main Course

I follow a few cooking blogs and I have to admit that the most valuable entries are NOT those which post recipes. I go to Allrecipes all the time, but it’s not about the recipe, it’s about germinating that kernel of an idea I had for something I’d like to make and I think I have the necessary ingredients on hand. In other words, I want to make butternut squash, so I’ve got to start SOMEWHERE to get an idea on where to start, and that’s where Allrecipes comes in. I don’t go to find someone to tell me what to do. It’s up to you! That’s the beauty of cooking! Making something great that you can call your own and be proud of and everyone appreciates it and eats it and is a little jealous.

The BEST cooking entries are those that help in the long term by illustrating a technique or method of cooking that I can use as I like. In the beginning, you’re probably going to want to make other people’s recipes just to get the hang of it, but don’t feel pressured into running to the grocery store and buying a bottle of fennel seeds that you’ll never use again. You’re going to have to use the stuff you buy and eat the food you cook, be sure it’s something YOU want! This blog is meant to help you learn you how to cook for yourself without consulting a recipe EVERY time. Or, at least dealing with simple recipes with tasty results.

With that in mind, I also plan on sprinkling in food safety tips and other related resources. I’ll still post recipes that I found particularly good, but consider it my way of giving credit where it’s due (I didn’t suddenly get good at this) and a way to encourage you to find your own inspiration. Don’t worry if it’s bad, the great thing about cooking is that you’re going to have to do it again anyway, so take your mistakes in stride. There’s really no “wrong” way to cook anyway, unless you get food poisoning or it’s so salty that even snails steer clear.

I started cooking for myself my junior year of college because I moved to off-campus housing. To be honest, I don’t know how I survived. I think I had a small meal plan to help me NOT die because my steady diet of dino nuggets, omelettes, pasta, and canned soup was probably slowly killing me. One of my housemates was a food science major and another was going to culinary school and I guess they inspired me in the sense that, if they can do it, so can I. So now I cook and I love it. I mean, I have to eat anyways so it was really a natural progression.


What are your thoughts?

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