It begins…

Hello, there, reader! Welcome to my pseudo-world. This is very much under construction but who’s to say when the improving and progression of this website will ever reach an end? I plan on constantly adapting and updating the content, so you better check back often (or else)! I’ve recently gained an interest in digital marketing and, as a natural progression of aforementioned interest, this site is an experiment (of sorts) to get some hands-on knowledge on making a website, maintaining it, and promoting it. The idea for the actual subject matter blossomed as I was brushing my teeth just now, which is really when all the best ideas come to fruition, isn’t it? But don’t fret, dear reader, I may be somewhat erratic but I’m by no means cockamamie! I’ve had this URL reserved for some time now, it was always a matter of content until this point.  My plan for the future is to make a video and try to put it here! Stay posted to witness the magic.

I would love to hear your ideas and website suggestions! Especially name ideas because “Welcome” isn’t particularly imaginative, is it?